Mushroom Knock-In Pins
Mushroom Pins are used in the manufacture of both tie and belt racks. The innovative design of the mushroom shaped head of the pin prevents ties and belts from sliding off. A protective collar neatly conceals any chipping that may have occured around pre-drilled 5 mm holes. Tap in for a perfect fit. No more tedious screw in hooks.

Packaged 100 pins per bag.

Brass: $25/bag of 100

Quantity: Only sold by Bag  
Rail Covers
White 8 foot long rail covers used to cover hangrail.
Packaged 100 pieces per carton.

Cover $125.00 per carton
Quantity: Only sold by the Carton  
Metal Hang Rail
Galvanized steel in 8 ft. lengths. Packaged 25 per box.
Used with suspension brackets.
Rail $150.00 per Box